Canton Church Benefactors

Many people have contributed to the Canton Church Restoration. However there are several benefactors that deserve special recognition.


Tom Cotter:

As a boy, Cotter helped his parents raise livestock on their ranch in Townsend. He said this experience gave him a work ethic that stayed with him throughout his life.

At age 16, he dropped out of school and joined the Merchant Marines. After a tour in the Pacific during World War II, he returned home to earn his high school diploma before enrolling at the University of Montana in 1948. He was a Sigma Chi (his uncle had been a charter member) and received his bachelor’s degree in 1953 and his master’s in 1955, both in sociology. After two years in the Army Counterintelligence Corps and nearly a decade at Boeing, Cotter joined Merrill Lynch in 1965. Eventually, he joined the investment firm that became Franklin Templeton, and later retired after 20 years of service.

Tom has been a major benefactor to many organizations in Broadwater County including the Canton Church.


L. Bradford Campbell:

Brad is a local farmer that has always been a good friend to the Canton Church. Brad donated 2 parcels of land in front of the Canton Church to the Canton Church Restoration Foundation. This donation is now the park in front of the Canton Church.


Jeff Ross:

Jeff a resident of Broadwater county and is president of Open Vistas networking.  Among other services Jeff's company does web hosting. Jeff has donated the hosting of this website to the Canton Church Restoration Foundation.