Judy Williams

Judy Williams is a native Montanan born and raised in White Sulphur Springs.  She was the middle child of a musical family. Judy plays bass guitar and sang with popular country bands for several years in the Spokane, Washington and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area prior to moving back home to Montana in 1986. She continues to provide entertainment with dance music and laugh-filled variety shows. Her motto is: "If it isn't fun, I'm probably not doing it".

In 1987 Judy married Broadwater County rancher Tom Williams and is actively involved in the ranch located near Radersburg. They raise beef cattle and hay on a portion of the ranch established by Tom's grandfather who arrived in Montana in 1889. 

Judy performs professionally all over Montana and western Canada as "The Divine Bovines". Judy observers the cattle on her ranch and then her keen sense of humor and her musical ability kick in as she writes hilarious parodies "from the cows' point of view".

To learn more about the Divine Bovines visit their website at www.divinebovines.com

In addition to performing as the "Divine Bovines" Judy is the founder of "Dixie and the Cup Sisters" and has written/directed the Townsend Rotary Club Variety Show many times. The show was originally billed as a "Talent Show" but we found there was a lot of variety and not much talent. But Judy has managed to create entertaining and successful shows working with the variety she was given!

I have heard Judy and her partner Carla Ahern perform as "Divine Bovines" (they were outstanding) and I have worked with Judy on the Townsend Rotary Variety Show (what a pleasure it was to work with Judy). She is terrific at everything she does -- but, by far, my favorite performance is her "Dancing with my Daddy" an original song written by Judy. That song always makes feel like a small child and really makes me remember and miss my own father.

Montana PBS honored Judy by choosing her to be featured in a segment of their popular Back Roads of Montana program in May of 2014. Repeated airings of that segment still continue to generate future bookings.

From Judy's official Biography:

Judy and The Divine Bovines

“There are those who spin romantic tales of cowboys
riding the range, atop their stallions, strumming
guitars, watching the tumbleweeds drift by, as they fade
into the Western Sunsets.
Not us.
We’re here to tell you how it is on our Montana ranch.”
“Cowboys, ....without Cows,
they’d just be boys.”
These two ol’ heifers will have you falling out of your chairs with laughter as you learn about life on a Montana
ranch, presented, of course, from the cows’ prospective. If you know about ranch life, you’ll recognize the stories ...
and laugh. If you don’t happen to be “cow-nected”, well, you’re sure to enjoy the lively, fun music. The laughter is
contagious - so get ready to have a good time.
While the tunes may sound familiar, the lyrics are as fresh as a wet cowpie.
Judy Williams, from between Toston and Radersburg, Montana, writes, records and performs songs that tell about
the daily experiences of cows on a Montana ranch. Carla Ahern, from Townsend, Montana, adds much to the live
performances and is credited with putting the “Divine” in The Divine Bovines. Together, they have more fun than
should be legal. They have traveled throughout Montana and parts of Canada to entertain. Always ready to have a
good time, these two laugh from the minute their car hits the pavement until they return. Crossing the border into
Canada has provided them with many fun stories of their “international travels”.
The Divine Bovines have not gone unnoticed. A personal phone call from the well-known cowboy
humorist/entertainer, Baxter Black, encouraged Judy to do more live performances. His support verified her initial
belief that people who knew about cows and ranch life would be entertained by her cow-tunes. He wrote about her
CDs in his popular column, On The Edge of Common Sense. His widespread reputation and support helped
increase CD sales, reaching new customers from the Midwest and Southwest.
Montana PBS honored Judy by choosing her to be featured in a segment of their popular Back Roads of Montana
program in May of 2014. Repeated airings of that segment still continue to generate future bookings.
“Make someone Laugh and they’ll never forget you;
Make them want to Dance and you give them back their Youth.” Divine Bovines, 2005
Further information available at www.divinebovines.com