Ruby Valley Boys and Barb Wire

The Ruby Valley Boys and Barb Wire is a band made up of several ranch owners and… a woman, Barb Pearson, who plays violin and sings.

John and Jim Anderson own and work the Anderson cattle ranch, on the south end of the
Ruby Valley. Steve, the guitarist, manages a ranch as well. Barb is a fine horsewoman
who has a Masters in Education and has taught, and run a day care center. They all sing,
and they all love their music and take pride in the band.

The afternoon of their first recording session they had already played for the folks in a retirement home in Dillon,
50 miles away. The evening of our second session, they’d been calving all day. The third
session, they’d been branding and tagging. On these session days they still rolled in to
record with good attitudes at the end of a hard day. Oh, did I tell you why they want a
CD? Not to sell… they want a CD of the band as it is now in case one of them “tips over.”